Welcome to Waco Standard Poodles. See Puppy Updates Here! We are proud to announce that our silver poodle is the happy mama of a litter of Goldendoodle pups; 3 males and 4 females. These adorable babies are already being claimed and will be over the next couple weeks. Pups are from premium AKC registered Standard poodle and European Golden retriever bloodlines.  Adoption is $900 per pup.

If interested text or call Rebekah: 254-829-9726.

The Standard Poodle is a dog with a distinctive personality. They are known and prized for their superior intelligence. Serving as service dog, rescuer, narcotics detective, water retriever, agility athlete, and king of the show ring –- the Standard Poodle is also always man’s best friend.

The Goldendoodle was first bred in 1969. Due to the fact that they have inherited the poodle’s intelligence and the golden retriever’s ease of training Goldendoodles make an excellent family pet as well as being sought after for therapy dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs and agility dogs. Goldendoodles are a prized family pet for their affection and loyalty, as well as their friendliness and patience with children and strangers.

Although not all Goldendoodles exhibit the hypoallergenic coat type of the standard Poodle, Goldendoodles do have a low to non-shedding coat. While the degree of shedding varies from dog to dog, overall, the goldendoodle exhibits less shedding than other dogs. Due to minimal shedding, Goldendoodles tend to have less dander reducing allergic responses.

Here at Waco Poodles, our priority is to raise distinctive well-adjusted dogs of excellent temperament. Being raised with and around our family creates the right atmosphere to socialize our little ones, making it easy for them to adopt their new families.


We now have 7 Goldendoodle pups in the silver and phantom color variety. If you’re interested in a pup from this litter, text or call Rebekah at: 254-829-9726.

These little ones are now silky black with some cream markings and how they’ll mature remains somewhat of a surprise but will likely tend toward silver, chocolates and phantom gradients, as their mom and both her parents are silver and their sire is an english cream Golden. 

This is the AKC registered standard poodle dam shown below: She was born a black Phantom with cream markings and matured to this beautiful silver.  Her genetic panel is certified clear on all counts.

The sire is Mike, a AKC registered Cream Golden Retriever from Europe. He’s had all his genetic and hip testing done and is also certified clear on all counts. 

Puppy Updates

Puppy Updates


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254-829-9726 – Rebekah Adams